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Time Management.
Go Cuando.

Provide your students or employees with an easy way to register their presence. Let them check in and out of school or the company by using their mobile device. No struggles. Less administration. More productivity.

Cuando Features

At the right place at the right time

The app uses location services to allow someone to “badge” in or out only when he or she is on the right location.

No limits or boundaries

For employees “on the road”, the boundaries can be disabled, allowing them to badge in and out at any location.

A gift for everyone

Usage of the app is quick and simple. One button allows the user to badge in and out.

Easy to manage

The administrator portal provides a realtime view on all activities of users. Use filters to get a view for a specific date or department and reports can be exported quickly.

X marks the spot

The location for checking in and/or out can be an exact spot in a building when the system is extended with Bluetooth beacons.

MDM integration

Seamless integration with MobileIron’s MDM solution and MobileIron Appconnect for easy configuration of the mobile application.

Some more features

  • Easy to Customize

    The system has some adjustable settings. Auto badge out when leaving the building. Keep track of location (useful for the “on the road” scenario). Configure a schedule to keep track of who’s late.

  • To cloud or not to cloud

    Depending on your company’s needs, both cloud based or on-premise backend is available.



Take a look at the app and the administrator portal.

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Go mobile on Time Management. Go Cuando.

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